8 Strands XB 1500 Yards (30 lbs-150 lbs)

8 Strands XB 1500 Yards (30 lbs-150 lbs)

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150 lbs Test-Purple
150 lbs Test-Red/White (6 white, 2 red mix)
150 lbs Test-Black/White (6 white, 2 black mix)
120 lbs Test--Forest Green
120 lbs Test--Red/White (6 white, 2 red mix)
120 lbs Test--Blue
130 lbs Test--Aqua Blue
100 lbs Test--Aqua Blue
100 lbs Test--Purple
80 lbs Test--Multi-Color
80 lbs Test--Aqua Blue
80 lbs Test--Black/White (6 White, 2 black Mix)
80 lbs Test-Red/White (6 white, 2 Red Mix)
50 lbs Test--Pink
30 Lbs Test-Blue

This is an 8 slicks 1500 Yards braided fishing line, made of 100% quality fibers. All of the braids has been tensile strength tested and stands up to all of your fishing needs.

Enjoy the the following with Xtremebraid 8 slicks braided line:

a. Castability with ease, smooth as silk.

b. 8 slicks are weaved nicely and tight that it will look like it's a single strand.

c. Superior abrasion resistance and knot strength. Use the RP Knot with Xtremebraid Mono for a perfect combination.

d. Fishing in deep waters? No problem, XB braids will allow you to feel every bit even in 350 feet deep water. Very low stretching...

e. Fishing in areas with lots of kelps, no problem XB braids will cut right through them.

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